Knotes 1.5.0 Release

Dear Knotes users, your Knotes 1.5.0 update has arrived!

Knotes 1.5.0 Update

What’s new 🆕:

  • Hugely improved the performance of Knotes when you have many highlights and notes.

What’s improved 🍀:

  • Don’t write back to Kindle by default
  • Don’t add tags automatically by default when sync to Evernote

What’s fixed 🐛:

  • Evernote Syncing issue

Evernote Syncing Issue


As I mentioned in the newsletter, Evernote found a security issue in their SDK that the cause Knotes to not transmit data in HTTPS sometimes. So Evernote temporarily disabled the API key that Knotes used.

We worked closely with Evernote and started fixing it immediately, by publishing Knotes 1.5.0, the Evernote syncing issue is successfully resolved.

Very sorry for the inconvenience!

Improved performance of Knotes

We refactored the way we organize the books and notes to make Knotes loads faster and search faster even you have thousands of highlights and notes in Knotes!

Thanks Brett and Manuel for bring this feedback to us!

Knotes 2.0

Enjoy the Knotes 1.5.0! ❤

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Knotes 1.4.0 Release

Dear Knotes users, your Knotes 1.4.0 update has arrived! 😄

Knotes 1.4.0 Update

What’s new 🆕:

  • Configure show or hide tags 🏷️ when syncing to Evernote 🐘
  • A tutorial book “How to use Knotes” 📖with useful highlights and notes to help you understand Knotes, you can access it through Menu “Help -> Create Tutorial Book”
  • Copy a highlight or note to Clipboard 📋
  • Sort highlights and notes by location in ascending or descending order 🔤

What’s improved ☘️:

  • Improved app window open speed (Only for Mac now)
  • Prevent the My Clippings.txt backup file from appearing in Kindle library

What’s fixed 🐛:

  • Fixed the multi scrollbar issue

Now, let me introduce in detail:

Tag configuration of Evernote

In menu Preferences -> Evernote, you can customize the tags of the notes exported to Evernote. For now Knotes, Book Title, Author are supported. You can turn on or off these tags.

Evernote Tags

《How to use Knotes》

Knotes now provides a tutorial book for beginner users. We introduced the layouts and basic features of Knotes by a tutorial book with some highlights and notes.

It will be there the first time you use Knotes, you can also enable it manually through menu Help -> Create Tutorial Book

How to use Knotes

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Knotes 1.2.0 Release

Long time no see! I miss you guys a lot! ❤️ And I bet you also miss me and wondering why there have been an update for so long😂. I’ll answer with Knotes new version 1.2.0:

Knotes 1.2.0 update:

What’s new 🆕:

  • Delete a book with right click 📘
  • Batch deletion of highlights/notes ❎
  • Trashcan 🗑️(recover、clean)
  • Export to Markdown with right click
  • Copy as Markdown to clipboard with right click
  • Sync back to Kindle,you can configure the type you want to sync back
  • When syncing to Evernote: Knotes, book title, author tags will be added 🐘
  • Manually export a book to Evernote 🐘

What’s improved ☘️:

  • Scrollbar enabled in sidebar and main content 📜
  • Background color of selected text

What’s fixed 🐛:

  • Drag and drop to Knotes will cause display error
  • Duplicate highlights will be imported if the sync button is quickly clicked for multiple times
  • Some books which contains special characters failed to be synced to Evernote 🐘

Now, let me introduce in detail:

Delete a book with right click 📘

Right click a book

Right click a book and click Delete this book, after confirmation, the whole book will be deleted. Deleted book will be stored in trashcan where you can recover the deleted.

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Knotes 1.1.1 Release

Today, I’m excited to announce that Knotes supports Evernote exporting now! In the meantime, we released both the Windows 64 bit version and 32 bit version for Windows users!

Knotes 1.1.1 update:

  • Export highlights/notes by book to Evernote.
  • Windows platform support.
  • Changing of My Clippings.txt path enabled.
  • Wechat friends circle sharing (For Chinese users)
  • Enriched notifications

Now, let me introduce in detail:

Export highlights/notes by book to Evernote

Export to Evernote

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Knotes 1.0.3 Release

After three weeks development, it’s time to meet Knotes 1.0.3 which introduces a bunch of fantastic features!

Knotes 1.0.3 update:

  • Edit / Delete highlights and notes
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Sort by Location / Time
  • Select and import from My Clippings.txt file
  • UI language support for French🇫🇷, Portuguese🇵🇹 and Russian🇷🇺
  • Support sync from Kindle using any language

Now, let me explain in detail how it works:

Edit / Delete highlights and notes

Edit button

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